Hi, i'm Hervé.

UX/UI Digital designer

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34 Yo ; 11 years activity (2006 to 2017)
1 Company (Luxury sector): Nuxe (Paris - France).
2 Webagencies (Corporate): Publicis Consultants Net Intelligenz & Carré Noir (Paris - France).
1 Promotional product agency (Branding & Promotional products): Rhinoféroce (Montréal - Canada).
1 Digital agency (Live event, Video & Richmedias): ViewOn (Paris - France).
1 webagency "Microsoft friendly" (Collaborative tools): Plaza-Design / MCNEXT. (Paris - France).
1 Digital company: UC Group (Paris - France).
1.5 Years as a freelancer: France & International.
5 Countries with design activity ; 7 Awards ; 3 Languages & 38 visited countries.


Français: Native = 100%.
English: Fluent = 95%.
Español: Intermediary = 50%.

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Skills : Tools

  • Photoshop / Illustrator / Flash 99%

  • Indesign / After effects / Premiere 75%

  • Cinema 4D / Nuendo / Axure 50%

  • Drawing, Photography, Video 80%

Technical knowledge

  • HTML / CSS / ActionScript 2&3 90%

  • jQuery / PHP / CMS 70%

  • SVG / XML / JavaScript 50%

  • .NET / WebGL / ASP 40%


The best ideas born somewhere and grow up elsewhere

I've an unusual career and lifestyle.

I have not taken the traditional path of education or natural path in my career. So far i can remember, i always wanted (and i still want) to discover, change and evolve! Whether on a professional and personal level. It means make something new when you can. Take risks to learn more and create more :
Jump into the unknow, learn and create. When you learned enough, jump again.
This is my cycle!

So far i've been into:
Luxury, Branding, Promotional products, E-Store, Web Corporate, Advergame, RichMedia, Live Events, Collaborative Medias, Mobile and Business Tools.
> It gave me many different skills.

I've seen the client approach from the 3 sides :
From the inside, as a freelancer and with agencies.
> It gave me the issue analysis.

So far i'm about 4 years outside my own country:
I worked few years in Canada, a bit in USA and Australia. Also i traveled over 38 countries.
> It gave me the international vision and good vibes when it's about talking to unknow people.

About the future.
I'm in full career reorientation:At the beginning of 2017, I decided to leave the "design world" and focus on my other hobbies: Wilderness!
So from now, I'm going to train myself on wilderness in Finland and probably stay there a while.
So I'm no longer a creative worker!

Life is short.